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Alumium Foil Mill

Three mills:All three,roughing,intermediate and finishing mills are world class and were supplied by siemens VAL(UK).with a work roll width of 2150mm these mills can produce foil with a maximum with of 1920mm at a maximum speed of 2000m/min.Rolled products include 1xxx,3xxx and 8xxx series alloys.The Max.thin is 0.0055mm and the Max.coil weigh is 12.5 tons.


Alumium Foil Separator

Three foil separator: The separator supplied by Kampf-WT(Germany),are of world class and can separate foils of 0.0055~0.004mm at speeds of up to 1200m/min including 1xxx,3xxx,and 8xxx series alloys between 200 and 1880mm wide.Products with an internal 75mm steel pipe core can be up to 800mm in diameter and those with a 150mm steel pipe core can be up to 1000mm in diameter.


Alumium Foil Doubler

One doubler:Supplied by Kampf-WT(Germany).This world class piece of equipment can double 0.0055~0.04mm thick fiol at a maximum speed of 1200m/min.Including 1xxx,3xxx,and 8xxx series alloys.The single strip thickness is 0.0055~0.44mm.Coil dimensions can be between 1000~1920mm wide,the max.coil diameter is 1890mm and weigh a maximum of 12.5 tons.


Work Roll Grinder

One work roll grinder:This world class,digitally controlled device is supplied by herkules(Germany).It can grind rolls of up to 450mm in diameter and up to 4000mm in length to an accuracy of 0.001mm.

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